Spring has sprung!

We've been so busy here at the B&B. Mom and Dad are getting ready for another peak season to start, and there are all kinds of things going on that tell me Spring is finally here! I've been busy myself. Two weeks ago I helped roll up the fence at the State Park...that was hard work! Maybe because it's the first year I helped at Grand Haven State Park.

You may notice the mounds of sand behind me...it's not been confirmed, but we think the mounds were dug from the shoreline to prevent a seiche (pronounced saysh). I learned a seiche is a standing wave oscillating in a body of water. It is also a meteotsunami. Fortunately, we were safe high up on our hill! It was reported that upwards of 18 inches of water surged over the pier in Ludington, MI. Holland, MI was also affected.

Other signs of spring have been the boats and ships going in and out of the channel.

Also, the dredge has been busy at work moving sand.

Motorcyclists are out, as are treasure finders on the beach. My next order of business is to help cut down a large tree in our back yard. That's going to be a BIG job!!

I can hardly wait for you to visit me and see how big and strong I've grown!

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