I turned One! Cake please!

It was a pretty interesting week. I finally turned 1 and got to spend my birthday at a water park which was super fun! I got to go swimming for the first time and even got to do a water slide with my parents. I also got to try this thing called a birthday cake and I was pretty excited about that as you can see. I hope I get one of thoae every year.

Next I got to watch my first Super Bowl which was also pretty fun because there were lots of snacks to try. Lots of things I've never seen or had. I can't wait until the next one. 

I had my 1 year checkup which I didn't like at all because I had to get 5 shots. Those things hurt! Later that week my dad and then my mom got the stomach flu so maybe those shots were worth it. But they still hurt and I don't like them.

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