Growing up B&B

Hello, my name is Joey and I am 11 months old. My parents own the Looking Glass Bed & Breakfast in Grand Haven, MI, situated across the street from Lake Michigan. This is the only house I know but some people tell me its weird to grow up with strangers around all the time. My 11 months on this earth has been quite an adventure so far and I can only imagine what else is in store in the future. I thought I would start a blog to share with everyone what its like living in a B&B since everyone seems to think it's so interesting. I think its normal, but then again, I'm just a baby.

Joey and his parents

Over the next few months, years, and maybe even decades, I will tell you different stories from the inside of a B&B. I'll talk about funny stories, different guests I have met, places in town and around the area and more. I look forward to sharing my stories and hope you find them as interesting to read about as I have to live. See you again soon.

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